RCA H5400RE3 Additional Handset For RCA 25413, 25414, 25415 Phones (Open Box)

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  • RCA GE 900MHz 4-Line dedicated accessory cordless handset for use with the 25413RE3, 25414RE3, and 25415RE3
  • Caller ID
  • 40# Caller ID memory
  • Headset jack
  • Redial/flash/mute/hold
  • Page function
  • Call transfer
  • Digital volume control
  • Intercom
  • Backlit 3-line LCD
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Ringer Control (On/Off)
  • Black with silver trim
  • Note: Maximum of one handset for each base system
  • Package Contents: Handset, Battery, Battery Cover, Charging Base, Power Supply, RF Module

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  • Expandable system accommodates growth.  Add up to 15 more phone stations as your business grows. Each additional corded unit (sold separately) requires its own phone jack and AC power outlet. You can also add 1 cordless handset (sold separately) to each station. No phone jacks are required for additional cordless handsets — just an AC power outlet!
  • Speakerphone allows hands-free dialogue.  No need to pick up the handset! Just use the dial-in speakerphone base to make your calls. If you decide to pick up the handset during the call, speakerphone is automatically turned off and the call is transferred to the handset.
  • 4-line system is ideal for expanding businesses.  Manage multiple activities? Let the distinct ring tell you which area of your business the caller wants. Each of the system’s 4 lines has a distinctive ring and a line-in-use indicator. This allows you to dedicate lines to different areas of your business — for small office convenience and big office potential!
  • Large backlit LCD is easy to read.  The easy-view Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) display shows you the time/day and the number dialed.
  • 3-way conferencing makes it easy to collaborate.  You can easily add 2 outside callers to your conversation for a 3-way discussion — great for answering a lot of questions in 1 call! Phone also features intercom, do-not-disturb, call transfer and intercom operations.
  • 16-number speed dial for 1-touch calling.  Don’t waste time dialing the whole number! Easily assign up to 16 of your most frequently called numbers to convenient speed-dial buttons — so you can get down to business quickly and easily. Also allows 1-touch redial for the last number dialed.
  • 94-name/-number directory keeps important contacts in memory.  No more paper records! Convenient memory index lets you keep up to 94 names and numbers in your phone’s recorded memory for quick and easy recall.
  • Connect communication devices to phone via data port.  The data port located on the phone can be used as an auxiliary jack for a fax, modem, answering machine — or even a cordless phone! Line selector switch assigns 1 of the 4 phone lines to the externally connected device.
  • RCA H5400RE3 additional cordless handsets (sold separately) enhance mobility.  The RCA H5400RE3 additional handsets are compatible with RCA 25413, 25414, and 25415 phones, and include a bounty of helpful features. Handsets are cordless to enable you to move around while on the phone. RCA H5400RE3 handsets feature a 40-name/-number memory to store important contact info. No phone jack is required for the H5400RE3…just an AC power outlet.

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