LOGISYS Computer CS888CL Transparent Clear Acrylic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Pre-Assembled

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Made of a UV blue acrylic material, the Logisys CS888UVBL is transparent with light blue in the daytime; at night it glows in the dark. It offers a direct view of the inner system. Show off your goodies anytime!

Boasting four external 5.25-inch drive bays, two external 3.5-inch drive bays, up to six internal 3.5” drive bays, and seven expansion slots, the Logisys CS888UVBL provides superb expandability.

The Logisys CS888UVBL features four 80mm UV blue fans with finger guides to effectively cool the system. Two of the fans are on the side panel, one is on the rear panel, and one is on the front panel.

The convenient front I/O panel enables easy access to two USB 2.0 and two audio ports.

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LOGISYS Computer CS888CL Transparent Clear Acrylic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Pre-Assembled

The Logisys CS888 will leave nothing to the imagination, and that’s just how you’ll like it. Front to back, this mid-sized tower is made of clear acrylic to show off the powerful system inside without distractions. In order to have a powerful system worth showing though, this case gives you the room you need to make it.
It started with four 5.25″ external optical drive bays, and, remembering their importance, made room for two 3.5″ external bays for fan controls, card readers, or anything else desired. Internally, which is now out for anyone to see, the power of six hard drives is provided for.
From there, it included enough cooling power of three 80mm fans. One is placed as an intake fan up front, and the other two are placed on top and in the back for the much needed exhaust. The combined power of these three fans allow for a near constant breeze over all of your sensitive hardware. The choice of your next case is clear


Package Dimension: 21″x20″x10.5″(LxWxH)
x4, 5.25″ bays
x2, 3.5″ bays
x6, HDD bays
Front USB & Audio jacks
x4 UV blue fans w/finger guard and a stylish blade fan grill in the front panel.
Retail color package. The package is strong and solid enough to secure the product in transportation.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 20 × 10.5 in