LIAN LI PC-P80R Red Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case NEW

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Aluminum ATX Full Tower
USB / Audio / IEEE 1394 / e-SATA Front Ports
12 External 5.25″ Drive Bays
6 Internal 3.5″ Drive Bays

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Lian Li (PC-P80R) Aluminum Super Full Tower Computer PC Case with Special Design Graphic and Texts Cut Out in ATI™ CrossFireX™ and AMD™ Spider Theme- RED


AROMORSUIT PC-P80R has 2mm thick alumumin front panel with world first and only three 14cm fans with red LED backit in the front to intake cool air into the system.

As theme of CrossFireX, ARMORSUIT PC-P80R features 10 PCI slots, for most advance graphics system, it can housed four dual-layers graphihcs cards, ARMORSUIT PC-P80R designed for today, and tomorrow lastest hardware.
There is huge internal space, user can fitted with most powerful hardware, it can work with 12 x 13 dual processors EATX serverboard, and alot of room for other hardware.
Twelve 5.25 space rack in ARMORSUIT PC-P80R. There are also two modularized HDD cages, which can hold three 3.5 HDD each. User can adjust the position of the HDD cage to suit their need.

Silent Performace:

World first and only of using 3 x14cm fans in the front to intake cool air into the system.
14cm fan features low RPM with high air flow to get the best balance between Silent and Cooling. These fans are connected to a liner fan speed controller, which can be adjsut from 800~1180RPM
Top mount one 14cm blue LED fan, to exhaust the hot air out of the chassis, there is a cover to dim the noise down, and internal also fitted with fan guard to protect end user. The top 14cm fan also attached to the liner fan speed controller, it can be adjsut from 800~1180RPM
Lian Li designer looks into detail, ARMORSUIT PC-P80 equipped anti-vibration kit on the chassis, to absorb the noise. Like the EMI spring on the top cover, it absorb the vibration, and the side panel still easy to remove and close.

Chassis with anti-vibration kit. The anti-vibration spring on the chassis, it push the side panel to against the chassis, reduce the gap between the side panel and the chassis, to reduce the vibration noise level.
The rubber strip on the front door panel, it stop the door to knock the front panel, to avoid the door scratch the front panel, also close the gap of the door and front panel.
Lian Li patented anti-vibration HDD cage, with anti-vibration kit and special HDD mounting rack. User can easily install the HDD into the cage. And the rubber rings on the HDD, absorb the vibration to stop the noise. The Lian Li patended thumb screw kit ensure easy installation.
Lian Li also look into the detail, where people won’t notice, ARMORSUIT PC-P80R equipped high quality aluminum case stand, with anti-vibration rubber pad. To stop noise from vibration, and protect floor surface. The aluminum are specially treated in black anodized finishing.

Creative Thermal Solutions:

ARMORSUIT PC-P80R designed for high end hardware system, there are a lot of fans inside the chassis, to meet the thermal requirement. To make it silent, but still have enough airflow to cool down the system, Lian Li designer using three huge 14cm intake fans in the front, running in low RPM, but still move enough air into the chassis. To get the best balance of silent and cooling. These fans can be adusted by a liner fan speed controller from speed of 800~1180RPM.

There are also a 14cm blue LED fan on the top panel to exhaust the hot air out of the chassis, Lian Li designer place a cover to control the air direction, to dim the noise level down. This fan also attached to the liner fan speed controller, it can be adjusted from 800 to 1180RPM.

Front mount linear fan speed controller for adjust fan speed from 800-1180RPM for the three 14cm fans in the front and one 14cm fan on the top. User can choose the fan speed to get the best cooling or silent performance.

The air filter is design to be easy to clean, and washable. And it is easy to remove, just pull it out of the front panel door, no tool required.

Rear mount silent 12cm fan to draw the hot system air out. A fan guard fitted to protect user’s hand. it is set as 1500RPM.
Design for enthusiasts, ARMORSUIT PC-P80R equips four water pipe inlets, allow to run dual liquid cooling systems.